I can do anything I set my mind to, and have proven that over the years. Whether it's choreographing, and performing in, Alice Cooper's shows, or getting to grips with the latest film role, I'm determined to succeed.

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Possibly not opinionated, really. But I do have my own blog which I will be using to share my views on many things, as well as posting pictures from film sets and gigs and anything else I want.

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I like to have fun. I like to make people laugh. I love being me.

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Don't let the hard rock loving, fun (and sometimes eccentric) personality put you off. I'm a consummate professional when it comes to work, and I give everything 211%.

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"Cooper is on screen for nearly every second of the film's 120 minute running time, and there is not a wasted moment. She delivers a sucker punch of a performance, with bristling physicality and a desperate charm..." - Boise Weekly

Calico has studied with some of the most prestigious acting and comedy giants in Los Angeles, such as "The Stella Adler Academy of Acting", "The Groundlings", "Upright Citizen's Brigade", and currently studies with the critically acclaimed acting guru Ivanna Chubbuck. She has enjoyed work on many meaty, independent films, and enjoys the process of cracking open hard roles and making them live and breathe.


Matching her father's gritty, commanding growl, Calico lends her pipes to many of Alice Cooper's songs and albums. She appears on records such as "Hey Stoopid", "Brutal Planet", "The Last Temptation", "The Eyes of Alice Cooper" and "Dragontown". She also sings live backing vocals when performing in The Alice Cooper Show.

Her voice is versatile and clean. She lent her vocals to close friend, and Rob Zombie bass player, Piggy D on his solo project, "The Evacuation Plan", where she gave an innocence and truth to very autobiographical songs. "He was writing about heavy stuff," says Calico. "I was honored to sing on it, and give his hard hitting vocals and subject matter a woman's touch." Check out the album, and the tracks "Brave or Faithless", "Last Man on Earth", "Ladies' Night", "Smoke and Mirrors" and "Chemistry".


As far as special skills go, Calico was pretty much born with the kitchen sink! Her chameleon-like voice imitates any person she studies or parodies with a scary accuracy.

She has command of the bullwhip (steady, boys!), is proficient in gymnastics, stunts, hand to hand combat, sprinting, parkour, ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance, stilt walking, fire breathing, fire poi, sword fighting, and of course, the always crowd pleasing....Angle Grinder

Watch out for that one!!

Born into a world of tour buses and road cases....

....Calico Cooper grew up in the whirlwind world of Rock n' Roll.

Born in Beverly Hills, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Calico was theatrical from the beginning. Any chance to entertain, and she took it. Her parents, Sheryl and Alice, quickly noticed her penchant for performing, and enrolled her in a dance academy. By the age of 15, she had won multiple scholarships, competitions and had travelled the country with her company.

After 15 years at the company, she realized that her favorite part of being on stage dancing, was entertaining. Calico began to take acting classes, and excelled so quickly that, within one year, she had starred in numerous local musical theatre productions, and had written, directed and starred in her own stage adaptation of "The Impostors".

Noticing her success and ease on the stage, her father, rock legend Alice Cooper, hired her to be the actress/dancer in his wildly theatric stage production. Calico grabbed the reins, and within the span of two world tours, she was not only the actress, but the choreographer of the show as well!!

After 4 world tours with her dad, and bitten by the acting bug, she moved to Los Angeles, and, at 18, attended the Stella Adler Academy of Acting. Immersed in school, and continuing to tour, Calico began to get the attention of the independent film circuit. Now with 5 indie films, 10 world tours, and coutless stage productions under her belt, Calico Cooper is intent on taking the movie industry head on.

Watch for her.....she's got her eye on YOU!!!

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Don't feel scared to get in touch with me, whether it's for possible acting or singing roles, or just to say 'Hi'. I won't bite!

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